Fine Art

The beauty and power in nature, the animal kingdom, our human world, and the worlds of our imagination cry out to be represented through painting.  The feel of applying paint is a visceral pleasure with the end product being beauty and images that draw an emotional response form the artist and the viewer.  In my works that are more abstract, many things I intend to be seen, but people see many things in the paintings that I did not consciously paint. It’s all a journey of discovery.

Here are fine art works in Oil and acrylics that attempt to restate the beauty around us or focus the attention on a specific image.


Torrey Pines Promontory

11” X 14” oil on canvas

From a photo I took at Torrey Pines state park in San Diego

Monument Valley

28” X 10”

Oil on canvas

From a photo of ‘The Chimney’, and nearby formations

Young Girl From Mali

14” X 16”n canvas board


16” X 7 ½”

Oil on Masonite.

This painting was done largely with my hands- not using brushes

Primal Flow

21” X 16”

Oil on canvas

Painted mostly by hand, not using brushes.

Arizona Mountains

12” X 16”, oil on canvas

From a photo I took of desert mountains between San Diego and Phoenix

Jacob Wrestling the Angel

24” X 36”, oil on canvas

My interpretation of the epic struggle in a high place. The figures pose is adapted from a monochrome painting by Bonnat from 1876.


Flowing iconic images of nature and antiquity, using some of my favorite colors- turquoise ,yellow ochre and greens.

14” X 7 1/2”, Acrylic and mixed media on Masonite


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